Kaymac Marine and Civil Engineering


Kaymac was established to provide the civil engineering and marine industries with a professional, reliable service that would give reward to the company and employees.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The major challenges at the beginning of the venture were raising finance, securing contracts and meeting obligations under health and safety and employment and contract law.

Success Factor

The company has grown thanks to the professional attitude and commitment of the whole workforce, the reliable, value for money service that is provided, identifying niche market opportunities and following an aggressive marketing strategy.

The Future

Kaymac has a strategic plan that sets out what the company want to achieve over the next ten years, which cascades down to one year operational plans which contain specific departmental objectives. The plan looks at the marketplace and sets about strengthening its competitive advantage. There is an ongoing programme to counter key weaknesses and capitalise on strengths and a risk management approach that enables the business to prepare for downturns and avoid key customer dependency. Kaymac aims to triple its turnover within a five year time scale and have already put plans in place for larger premises to accommodate more staff. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to future growth and the company is absolutely focused on the needs of the client at all times. This clear focus, coupled with excellent standards of work, will ultimately take the company forward and increase market share.