Electro Technical Services ltd


Lee Turner and William Morgan established the business in 2004 with the objective of becoming one of Wales’ largest independent building services companies. Lee Turner’s experience in engineering and design management, together with his absolute determination to succeed, provided the basis for the company to begin trading and win their first major contract.

Our main challenges when starting the business

As with all new businesses, the early years were a series of constant challenges. Trying to obtain credit facilities with trade suppliers and banking facilities with no trading history or assets was difficult. Establishing a sound financial basis for the business and dealing with cash flow were paramount to surviving the early years. Building and developing a highly skilled, motivated team was a major task. Having reliable, competent tradesmen was essential to building and expanding the business whilst gaining recognition as a company that delivers above and beyond the required standard. With so much competition in the marketplace, a reputation that inspired confidence in the client and developer was, and is, essential. Learning to manage every aspect of the business from sales to delivery of service required total commitment and dedication especially as the global markets and local economic problems were having a major effect on the construction industry as a whole. The whole learning curve of management, markets, employees, legislation, compliance, recession and even depression have all been major challenges to overcome but, regardless of the challenges and problems encountered the desire to succeed and continue expanding remains undiminished.

Success Factor

The success and growth of ETS is based on close liaison with clients, a positive approach coupled with collaborative working, honesty, integrity and professionalism. A contributory factor to growth has been the implementation of company procedures and strict adherence to the procedures. Elimination of duplication and waste together with strict cost controls has provided a low overhead structure keeping the company competitive and effective.

The Future

ETS is currently looking to create a new company to deal with maintenance contracts, all of which will be transferred into the new company and a dedicated staff appointed to develop, expand and run the business. ETS is also in the process of training staff within the ‘renewable energy’ sector with a long term objective is to set up a company to target this area of the market.