The business was established in 2004 evolving as a subsidiary of CCA Residential Homes Ltd, a large specialist care home with over six residential properties within its portfolio. CCA Residential Homes was established in 1992 specialising in providing care for individuals with learning disabilities/mental health problems who challenged the existing services. Rapid growth facilitated expansion from one to six homes within the Caerphilly and Torfaen Boroughs. In 1996, CCA Residential Homes set up an NVQ Assessment Centre to provide training and support for its existing employees. Experienced individuals within the homes used their knowledge to mentor and support employees. Following the introduction of the Care Standards Act 2000 and growth in the demand for NVQ training, CCA establish a subsidiary, Phoenix Training, to drive forward this new agenda. Experienced managers employed within the CCA were appointment to Phoenix Training to ensure quality of learning delivery was at the essence of the business from the outset. A subcontract arrangement with a large training organisation was established enabling Phoenix Training to support not only CCA employees but also other individuals within the Care Sector. In 2002, Phoenix Training secured a direct work based learning contract with Education and Learning Wales (now Department for Children, Education and Skills). In March 2004, CCA Residential Homes Ltd was sold but Phoenix Training continued to operate until August when the business was rebranded Educ8 Ltd

Success Factor

Commitment from senior management to diversify product range and explore new markets has been critical. The company has recently invested in the commercial arm to the business, thus opening an entire new market for the Educ8 Group that is helping to safeguard the business should there be any changes to Welsh Assembly funding contracts in the future. The quality of the staff has also been critical and all employees are energetic, passionate and dynamic and it is imperative that all new recruits fit into this culture. Indeed, staff are extremely motivated and all go the extra mile in terms of their day-to-day roles and identifying new opportunities for the business and are always included in celebrating when the company’s performance exceeds expectations. They are encouraged to perform to a high standard and all individual and team achievements are recognised from board managers downwards and communicated via the company News Bulletin.

The Future

Educ8’s future plans are (a) to lead in the transformation of skills and become the best value provider of learning in Wales by July 2012 (b) to develop a sustainable, profitable and high quality commercial Care Solutions arm of the business, maximising all revenue streams by July 2011 (c) to become a leading 14-19 Pathways and Welsh Baccalaureate Provider by 2012 (d) to launch the Recruitment arm of the business by November 2010 and promote as part of the Educ8 package to new and existing customers and (e) achieve the Green Dragon Level 3 Award by December 2010 in recognition of the company’s commitment to the sustainability of the environment in which it operates as Educ8 Ltd is committed to embedding environmental sustainability throughout its entire operation.