CMB Engineering


The original incentive/motivation was based on a desire to create a company to operate in the Building Services sector which differed from the mainstream services companies. The focus was on offering a collaborative, non adversarial approach demonstrating a willingness to work closely with prospective clients to develop a "repeat business" culture, primarily concentrating on design and build projects and offering value for money solutions. The structure of the company ensures that it maintains the opportunity for clients to have the security of having direct access to the principals which offers a high degree of confidence in CMB’s ability to deliver services.

Our main challenges when starting the business

This was to initially convince clients of its ability to perform and deliver quality installations within budget, on time and to the expected standards. Recruitment of suitably qualified personnel proved challenging which resulted in the Company introducing its "train & retain" apprentice training programme which has subsequently developed into a robust / successful scheme.

Success Factor

Employment of one of the largest directly employed outside labour force resulting in predictability of performance, quality and reliability which singles the company from mainstream competitors who rely heavily on employment of subcontract and agency labour. The "train and retain" apprentice training programme has ensured that the company maintains a suitably sector trained, loyal labour force. Secondly, the company’s non adversarial approach has continued to offer continuity of the "repeat business" scenario enjoyed since inception of the limited company formed in 1997 after five years of successful operating as a partnership. Finally, the ability to retain a loyal team of well qualified management personnel and secure the services of high quality senior officers from within its sector of operations, each of whom were well respected and known within the industry and illustrated a desire to join a successful company and help develop it further.

The Future

In August 2010, the family of companies was extended by the formation of CMB Electrical Bristol Ltd operating from the offices of CMB Engineering Bristol Ltd in Avonmouth thus offering the Company the opportunity to undertake electrical services installations "in house", instead of employing the good services of suitably experienced trade partners. Despite the recession having temporarily postponed the intended further development and expansion into the West Country it is anticipated that this proposal is still on the agenda for the not too distant future.