CMB Electrical Ltd


The company was established after the founder was made redundant following a buy-out by a national company in his previous employment, where he was employed as a regional director, mainly due to clashes at boardroom level on policies and directions the company was taking. He was determined to prove them wrong. With 25 years of experience in the business and a comprehensive knowledge and history in the industry, friends and colleagues encourage him to fulfil his lifelong ambition to start his own company and run it along the lines of his own personal principals and ethos. The business plan proposal was to offer a complementary electrical service company using an established and well respected brand name in the industry, namely CMB Engineering a mechanical service contractor of over 20 years, and its owner Steve Borley, a long known colleague. CMB Engineering has also made this year’s Fast Growth 50 list.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The major challenges were the establishment of a quality office facility and quick recognition of the new brand to clients, obtaining support from old, current and new clients on a level where security of performance and quality could be assured for the new venture, and recruiting new staff and a capable workforce which would work in an environment which suited his work ethos and share in its future development.

Success Factor

The franchising of name CMB has certainly added to the quick growth of the company and the name and brand were established quickly and hence the company was preceded as being associated with an already well established and professional company in the industry. Through previous contacts and with a good history of relationships with clients over 25 years and with individuals, the company was able to tender for work with clients where trust and quality assurance had already been established with a previous history. The company had to prove without doubt it had the depth and procedures in place to deliver. This meant management procedures, health and safety documentation, CDM Regulations, PAYE Employee Employment, Sub-Contractor procedures, CIS and VAT. All these needed to be in place and operational to demonstrate compliance and assurance to potential clients. The company was able to quickly establish all these procedures mainly due to previous management knowledge and with other professional friends and colleagues procedures and system were quickly established. The selection of key staff was fundamental in the company’s rapid growth, and the lure of a new company and the chance to be involved in its formation and future development appealed to potential ambitious employees who seen this as an opportunity for advancement in a new company. Bringing the right management team together needed to be spot given that working together in close proximity where personality, ability and correct ethos were paramount. The current team is "brilliant, we have got it just right" and there is an excellent team spirit and humour which has also helped with growth through repeat business from customers who like dealing with these friendly professional and motivated individuals.

The Future

The strategic future plan for CMB Electrical is sustainable organic growth in its current market place and area of operation. The company has introduced a new high technology fire & security division to the company named CMBE Innovative Fire & Security that has been very successful in its first two years, leading to £700,000 sales. Although this new division will be retained in the CMBE brand, it is intended to launch a new Innovation Fire & Security Company to target this growing Market and attract orders from other sub-contractors and new clients. Innovative Fire and Security Limited. This was launched in June 2009 and early indications and results are exciting obtaining £750,000 order book in the first 12 months of trading. The company is also involved in the import of low energy lighting products and other environment energy saving green systems such as solar panel, photovoltaic and wind generation.