Celtic Vacuum


The founders saw a gap in the market and had the engineering expertise in their senior design engineer to exploit the opportunity presented to them.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The primary major challenge as always when starting off was lack of capital and the ability to raise funds combined with the fact that a new business finds it difficult to obtain trade credit. Convincing potential clients to use the firm’s services and trial its bespoke equipment was also an extreme challenge and even after completing its first major contract , potential clients remained sceptical and gaining the confidence of clients was imperative. Providing a specialist service within a hazardous environment meant that recruiting and employing personnel with the necessary skills was difficult and costly. Immediate investment into training and developing key skills was essential and risky, due to unknown employee retention levels and the environmental working conditions.

Success Factor

One of the main factors leading to sustained growth is that of innovative bespoke solutions to clients’ problems i.e. combining engineering capability with the firm’s site services to rapidly adapt its existing plant and equipment to overcome unique circumstances and deliver results more effectively than anyone else. The firm also has the ability to deliver, time after time ,repeat business from customers who have a problem and call Celvac before anyone else to help. Finally, strong Research and Development culture; a "can do" and inquisitive culture that builds and trials equipment to deliver step changes in the firm’s performance and reduction in customers ‘operational costs.

The Future

The future objective is to continue to grow the business in core markets, developing the firm’s industry reputation further whilst providing innovative solutions to clients. This growth will be supported by continual investment into processing capabilities, developing human resources and embedding health and safety culture into working practices.