Cats and Pipes


Father and son, John and David Carpenter had been operating in the automotive exhaust industry for over 20 years and their move into the specialist catalytic converter market over ten years ago, though challenging, has advanced the company’s technological and engineering resource to a point where they can now produce a cat’ that is tailor - made to suit any particular application. The Carpenters previously manufactured exhaust systems and their in–depth knowledge of the industry assisted in their fore-sight of the demand for specialist technology once new legislation governing car emissions took force in recent years.

Success Factor

The main factors that have driven Cats and Pipes since inception are knowledge of the automotive industry for over 25 years, manufacturing a good product and extensive knowledge of the speciality of product development. Investment in research and development has enabled the company to manufacture products to the full legal requirements on tightening emissions. During the first six months of 2010, employment in the company has increased by 35 per cent.

The Future

The company aims to increase existing markets and exploit new ones. To do this, it will increase production facilities to accommodate the expansion, improve on production quality and add new training facilities to show that exiting and new customers the advantage in using Cats and Pipes in the forefront of the aftermarket catalyst business. With the ongoing legislation governing vehicle emissions, the company is well served to meet the demands of this growing market.