Bebbington and Wilson


Having worked in the industry for a combined total of fifty years, the partners identified a niche in the market for a quality company offering clients the best quality of service in the North Wales and the North West regions of Great Britain. During the partners’ time in the industry, they have built up excellent client, partnership and staff relationships and were further motivated in their beliefs that these relationships would assist them in their aims to operate a company that offers excellent customer service.

Our main challenges when starting the business

Cashflow is a constant challenge to any similar business within the sector, where payment terms are stretched and extended, which in turn creates pressure on the financial ability to fund the business. Gaining access to public sector markets was also challenging, where the need for certain accreditations was a basic requirement in order to be considered for inclusion on public sector tender lists.

Success Factor

The founders have worked hard to ensure that the company delivers the best possible service, which in turn has helped it to retain its clients. A quality workforce is essential in order to be able to deliver a quality service, and the firm’s ongoing commitment to training and development is crucial to the future of the business. This will also encourage succession planning, by encouraging people from within to promote themselves, keeping the knowledge and expertise within the company for many years to come.

The Future

The business is expected to level out over the next financial year although growth has been rapid since the business was founded in 2004 and the business has achieved more than the founders expected. There are tough times ahead, and the success of the company is totally dependent on the people within it. With its proven commitment to staff training, development and retention, and by offering a quality service to clients, this will be the strength of Bebbington & Wilson Limited for the future.