The Directors and founders of ACT LTD having themselves suffered unemployment and redundancy wanted to set up a company where they could help people with similar problems back into the labour market. The aim was to teach people new skills, update their present skills and most importantly install confidence back into them so that they did not feel they were second class and this would enable them to present themselves more effectively to new employers.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The major challenge faced at start-up was the lack of experience in running a new company and the responsibilities it created. Cash flow and keeping within the budgets while having to spend on the initial set up costs, for example, premises, equipment and legal costs as well as marketing the company as ACT was a new players in a market where there were already many established companies (providers)

Success Factor

ACT has made it a priority to invest into its learning infrastructure and premises and the founders have used their experience gained over the years since the company first formed in 1988 to produce a first class provision for learners. It has developed good relationships with employers to understand and meet their needs through its marketing programme.

The Future

ACT plan to keep developing the business through the knowledge it has developed since its formation, which includes the development of management and staff to always remain innovated to move the business forward.