Silver Telecom


The company was started in 1997 by three senior employees from MITEL who saw a gap in the market to provide a better product and improved customer support. The obvious major challenge faced when starting the business was getting access to adequate funding.

Success Factor

The 21st century telecommunications market demands constant innovation and the ability to maintain a pro-active approach in order to survive and differentiate oneself from the competition. The firm’s product range encompasses a number of significant advantages. By listening to and communicating with customers, Silver Telecom has learnt that they are seeking the right product to match their application, at the right time, minimizing time to market. In particular, a decentralized structure enables the firm to nurture the closest possible ties to customers and bring new products to market faster than competitors. This, coupled with the provision of multi channel products and highly competitive pricing, makes Silver Telecom a very attractive choice for many systems suppliers. In addition to size and flexibility of solutions, Silver Telecom products provide multi-line access to the telephone network using flexible packaging techniques, whilst meeting international standards and regulatory specifications

The Future

The business will continue to concentrate on its areas of expertise - product design - outstanding technical support - technical marketing - while its manufacturing is sub-contracted to companies who are experts in low cost high quality product assembly. To this end, Silver Telecom has assembled a team of experienced design, applications and marketing engineers. Over the next five years, the business will aim for a sales growth target of 100% a year and will build a reputation as the best in its field.