Scarce Skills Ltd


Prior to the formation of Scarce Skills, the directors of the company provided a headhunting service to MBDA (a leading defence company). During this contract, it was realised that technology could significantly improve the recruitment process and Scarce Skills was formed to provide an internet-based technology solution. The main challenges faced by the company included the development of advanced software on a limited budget, defining the customers’ requirements, finding suitable amounts of working capital and marketing the product within a niche marketing sector.

Success Factor

Key to the development of the business was recognising that there was likely to be a major change in the technology used to manage recruitment and acting on that. The development of the business also helped considerably by having a major client with an urgent need to improve their recruitment performance and having the key skills to develop the solution. The company also had the ability to overcome setbacks during the initial stages of development through maintaining focus on the company’s key objectives.

The Future

Scarce Skills will build on its initial success and move into other market areas, using partners to increase the solution offered to clients.