Newport and Gwent Chamber of Commerce


Newport and Gwent Enterprise was established in 1982 as Newport Enterprise Agency, operating in Newport Borough Council and conceived through the efforts of leading private sector members of Newport Rotary Club, Newport Borough Council and British Steel (Industry) Ltd. Its objectives were to promote and encourage industrial and commercial activities with particular reference to encouraging the formation and development of small businesses. Its mission was (and still is) to help local businesses to start, to survive, to grow and to prosper and success comes from establishing winning businesses. Today, Newport and Gwent Enterprise is at the forefront of business support provision in South East Wales and has helped to create over 6,000 new businesses, assisting over 22,000 potential entrepreneurs and supporting over 4,000 existing businesses.

Success Factor

The way forward for this business support organisation has been to remain true to its roots and focus on developing a dynamic regional economy in which businesses can thrive. This can only be achieved through a co-ordinated agenda that is aimed at making a real impact with the customer. A key factor in this is being customer driven and putting its clients at the centre of its culture and understanding their requirements to meet their needs. In addition, the recruitment of quality staff and their subsequent development is key to the vision of the future of Newport and Gwent Enterprise as well as continuous investment in IT which has resulted in the purchase of both new systems and equipment.

The Future

Newport and Gwent Enterprises continue to work to create a powerful and dynamic platform to meet the present and future needs of business in South East Wales and to establish a framework to provide the basis for significant growth to support the long term business regeneration of SE Wales. First and foremost, the organisation is a business solutions provider and it intends to build on its core services, developing an integrated business support service, and encouraging and developing entrepreneurship from school age right through to post retirement. The company is a pioneer of "joined up thinking" and has established extensive links with local partners in the private and public sector to provide a more transparent and comprehensive service and to deliver a sustainable strategy to unlock the potential of the area.