Moorhouse Group


The chairman of Moorhouse, Lyndon Wood, started the company in August 1990 when he was 19 years old. He initially started the business from home with little support, knowledge and funding. By starting the business at such a young age, Lyndon faced the same challenges that most do in business such as lack of support, cash flow issues, sole trader, no external help and lacking a business mentor. All of these issues were of course magnified further by his young age. However, as a very dynamic person, Lyndon firmly believes that it was this grounding enabled him to become the successful businessman that he is today.

Success Factor

Moorhouse has become successful by making the best use of opportunities available in the market through excellent, dynamic, insightful decision-making by the senior management team. It has also identified gaps in the market place, allowing the firm to set up specific departments and teams to cater specifically to market sectors, therefore improving the overall service provide to our customer base. Finally, the creation of strategic partnerships with insurers has enabled the business to provide clients with the most competitive quotes available, resulting in sustainable and consistent growth.

The Future

The Moorhouse Group believes that its rate of growth will accelerate, that it will further consolidate its position in the market and will diversify to other market segments. This will largely be achieved by the business continuing to be a marketing led company by being proactive in its decision-making rather than reactive; investing in technologies to obtain more customer databases and to access more customer groups in its line of business; continuing to form strategic partnerships with other businesses which will enable the firm to have access to their markets; and continuing to develop its relationship and reputation with clients by maintaining the excellence in service currently offered to customers. In the short term, Moorhouse is reviewing its business plans and drafting a Marketing Plan which will provide the necessary structure to support continued expansion. It is also construction an annex (building extension) to its current premises to accommodate its ‘forecasted’ increase in size which will be essential with its accelerating business success.