Iaith Cyf


The company was established in the same year as the Welsh Language Act 1993 with a view to providing services to local government and other public bodies following the implementation of the Act and the 1994 reorganisation of local government. When it first started ‘language planning’ was a completely new concept for most people in Wales (indeed it still is). The major challenges was therefore to forge an identity and demand for the unique services it offered and carve out a niche that had not existed before for commercial language planning services.

Success Factor

Growth is due to legislative factors via the Welsh Language Act, a growth in support for the Welsh language in particular and the Welsh perspective in general, supported by the advent of the National Assembly, and staff expertise as market leaders.

The Future

In the future, the business hopes to develop all aspects of the company, particularly training. Iaith Cyf has been pioneering the development of training around language awareness, equalities and community development. The reaffirmation of the vision by a bilingual Wales (Iaith Pawb) by the National Assembly is a key factor for the future of the business