Hicks Logistics


The company was formed by Terry Hicks with the intention of targeting blue chip companies within the construction industry. Terry Hicks and his family before him have operated a transport company in the South Wales area for the past 50 years. Using his 26 years of experience in the transport industry, he decided the benefits of obtaining long-term contracts with blue chip companies outnumbered the uncertain benefits of the general haulage sector. One major challenge encountered was winning the first of its contracts, which was won through an American based electronic tendering system. This has provided the firm with the second challenge of the funding the purchase of fifteen new specialist trucks.

Success Factor

The company has grown over the last two years because of a number of major strengths including the ability to provide customers with reliable and personal service, which is, confirmed by the company motto ‘Pride in Delivering’. Also the capacity to give the customer flexibility and control of the vehicles with a reduced element of risk. Finally, an excellent relationship with all Ministry of Transport traffic areas throughout the UK has allowed the business to open new operating centres quickly as required as new or existing contracts were added or expanded.

The Future

The vision of Hicks Logistics is to raise its company profile and to be recognized as the most respected logistics company in Wales and the UK. It will strive to attain this by delivering a service second to none. The firm has a target growth of 20% per annum for the next three years, which will be achieved between growth in existing contracts and through new contracts already under negotiation. This is achievable as there is a definite trend of companies within the construction industry to outsource their transport requirements.