Colman Court Manor


Three partners bought the hotel when it was closed down and in a dilapidated state. However, they did not realise just how much money would need to be spent on renovations and restoration, and the challenge was to restore the manor to its original state with little cash available. There was also the need to bring back customers that previous management had lost as well as finding new clientele. Finally, the marketing of the facilities had to be widely promoted in and around Wales as its countryside location was not well known.

Success Factor

The key factors for the success of the business to date has been professional knowledge and experience of smoothly running a good hotel and restaurant and managing staff; hard work, total commitment, family support, vision and loyal members of staff, and financial help from the Welsh Tourist Board and Bridgend Borough Council and advice and support from existing contacts.

The Future

The Hotel is going from strength to strength and will look to supplement its existing provision through the introduction of leisure facilities including gym, sauna and massage. In addition, following the success of the Bokhara Brasserie, the owners intend to open a similar restaurant in Cardiff.