CODA Business Management Ltd


The company was formed in 1999 by three consultants who were working independently. The driving force behind the creation of the company was an increasing workload which, in turn, required increasing levels of resource. This was best met by combining forces into one entity. The original team evolved into a new structure of three directors which is now supported by staff and a network of consultants who operate throughout Wales. An early issue was where to base the new company as the premises sought needed good access, credible appearance and minimal lease (and continues to be an issue for the company). A further ongoing difficulty has been keeping in balance the increasing sales, systems development and human resource. There is no perfect solution but careful monitoring of the process is critical.

Success Factor

The single key factor in the success achieved to date is the quality of CODA’s people. The business has made significant investments in attracting and retaining the right people over the last few years. All of CODA’s employees and consultants are 100% committed to encouraging and supporting their clients and working closely with them in order to achieve success. The consultants come from industry or consultancy and the questions they ask, the conclusions they draw, and the advice they offer, is built on personal experience in the commercial world. Another key strength is CODA’s ability to design, deliver and manage a complete service for clients, which is constantly reviewed to identify changes that will result in benefits to all involved parties. CODA also places great emphasis upon building positive working relationships with its clients and this has resulted in many instances of repeat business.

The Future

CODA is aiming for consistent growth levels over the next few years, although the primary aim is the retention of their current clients. To this end, the firm has recently strengthened its senior management team in order to support their current activities and to help them achieve their expansion plans. Three highly experienced professionals have recently been recruited with considerable experience of corporate finance, marketing and programme management. CODA is currently in the process of working towards ISO9001 and Investors in People accreditation and will be fully accredited by the end of 2004. A continuing professional development scheme has also been introduced to support staff development at all levels - all staff are graduates - and the company encourages and supports them to achieve professional qualifications.