Camelot Electrical


Paul Scott and Paul Russell had worked together for many years and had become more and more dissatisfied with their employer, feeling that a better level of client service could be offered. They therefore made the big decision to start up their own company together. Due to the nature of the electrical business, their major challenge was the necessity to operate for a year before being able to apply for NICEIC registration and to build a client base to ensure that they had work. Working seven days a week was hard but ensured that their aims were achieved and NICEIC registration was granted after 12 months.

Success Factor

Hard work by Paul Scott and Paul Russell, and the team of engineers they put together, has been a major factor in the success of the business - everyone was prepared to work that bit longer to ensure that clients were happy. Clients also have shown great trust in the business and this has been reciprocated, with the firm giving 110%. Without its clients, the founders believe that they could not have achieved all that they have. Time was also taken to strengthen the business financially, with all profits being ploughed back into the new venture to ensure its sustainability for the future.

The Future

Contracting is a difficult way of life and the business wants to maintain the high standard it has set itself. The client base is varied, so Camelot does not have all its eggs in one basket, although each one is important to the business. It has a good relationship with all clients that must be maintained because as they expand, the company does as well, and it is looking to welcoming new clients and building the same trust with them that it has with existing ones. The staff within the company work very hard to achieve a good result for clients and to meet their exact requirements exactly. When time allows, the staff socialise together and consider themselves a ‘family firm’, although ‘The Camelot Family’ will need to increase as the workload grows and maintain its team spirit.