Abacus Recruitment Services


Abacus Started in October 1999 and was founded by managing director Philip Worthing. At that time cash flow was the major problem and whilst the firm was winning contracts, it was having to grow at a much slower pace than it would have liked. Philip Worthing feels very proud that Abacus Recruitment Services now has ten branches in strategic positions across South Wales with plans for even more branches in 2005.

Success Factor

The main factors in the success of Abacus are having a group of excellent dedicated staff, and the formation of strong links with all its customers. Whilst the firm appreciates each client is different, it tries to learn as much as it can about their business, resulting in customer service levels beyond comparison within the sector. Finally, continuous re-investment in the future growth of Abacus Recruitment Services enables the firm to be one step ahead of the market.

The Future

Abacus Recruitment Services plans are for continued, sustainable growth whilst maintaining customer service levels at its core. Potential areas for growth in 2005/6 are Bristol, Swindon and Birmingham, with continued expansion throughout South Wales. Philip Worthing believes he already has the key people in place that will enable this to happen. Abacus is currently carrying out feasibility studies into the teaching and social care sectors which endorse the goal of having an Abacus employee in every hospital, school, office and factory throughout South Wales.